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So Twitter did a thing and added a new feature to the app! Now when you go to “Compose” . . . you are given the option to create the new Voice Note! This allows you to tweet out audio messages that people can play on their timeline|feed. Cool right? So what does Nicki have […]

Wendy Williams is not here for Nicki Minaj’s choice in spouse. She had a few things to get off her chest and spoke candidly on what she thinks about Nicki’s marital spouse. Check out the video below and let us know if you agree with Wendy or nah? One thing you can say about Wendy […]

Friends…I feel like people are about to go in on this update but a story just leaked that Nicki’s husband [Kenneth] was arrested and then released on a $20K bond! Why? Because apparently he failed to register himself as a sex offender in the state of California! Reportedly he turned himself into federal marshals. After […]

Nicki Minaj is always showing love to her home of Trinidad and Tobago. She recently took to IG to show off her outfit for Trinidad’s Carnival Festival. This was a day or two after pregnancy rumors started to float around social media. Folks thought she was with child because her husband Kenneth Petty was rubbing […]

Lil Wayne was on to something all those years ago when he signed Nicki Minaj and Drake. According to reports the Young Money big three (Wayne, Drake and Nicki) just made chart history!! According to Hot 100 they are the “top 3 rappers with the most charting singles in Hot100 History”. That’s a major feat […]

Ooooh baby. . .it is currently going down between the exes “Omeeka” on social media! And at first. . .I just thought maybe they missed each other a little it. . .But both Nicki and Meek are hitting each other way below the belt and I’m just sitting here like [insert looking eye emoji]! Personally […]

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of our great Civil Rights Icons…. Rosa Parks. She would have been 107 years old. We honor her and her contributions to African Americans. Coincidentally, Nicki Minaj just dropped a snippet of a new song that names drops the late great Rosa Parks. We’re not sure if she […]

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill may have been the headline news this past weekend over their “screaming match” however, Nicki seems to be using the publicity to drop new music. Yes, she did tell us she was retiring but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have these little tidbits in the works. We’re not sure what […]

I will say that most of the wax figures featured at Madame Tussands Museums have actually been pretty on point with how much they actually resemble the celebrity. Give or take a couple of minor details. . .they do a good job at the end of the day. But a Nicki Minaj wax figure was […]

The newlyweds AKA the Petty’s have clealry been enjoying life together! Getting in Halloween spirit with their latest costumes [see below]. . .Lots of PDA moments! Etc. But here comes the internet. . .instead of letting them be in love and in their business. . .some people are more concerned with who paid for their […]

Just gone leave these photos right here while we wait on photo’s of them officially married . . . in 80 days! Follow @rodigga and @z1079

I’mma be honest — I still wanted Nicki and Nas to be a thing but I understand it ain’t abut what I want and clearly Nicki has found her match because she took to her “Queen Radio” show to let it be known that marriage plans are most definitely in the works! Miss ‘Megatron’ said […]