A Missouri woman was charged with two felonies after she threw a drink in the face of a Red Lobster waitress because she brought out the wrong meals.

20 year old, Ania D Wilkes, of Ferguson, Missouri, was arrested after police say the woman and 3 others punched and pushed their server when the wrong orders came to their table.

The names of the other women involved and the server were not identified by police.

The fight erupted soon after 4 women had ordered their meals at the restaurant. The orders were handled by different waitstaff, which ended up creating a mix up of the meals, according to authorities.

When the food was brought to the table, the women realized they had been given the wrong meals.

One woman took a drink and threw it in the waitress’ face.

That’s when all four women joined in and began to punch and push the server, police said.

The server at the Fairview Heights, Illinois restaurant suffered a swollen eye and cuts to her nose and forehead.