Source: Shutterstock There are lots of things mothers have to be concerned about with young children, but a 3-year-old potentially contracting gonorrhea usually isn’t one of them. Unfortunately that’s the fear a Jacksonville, FL, mother is facing after he daughter found a condom on her daycare playground and did what any other toddler would do, put it […]

Most babies travel down one canal before making their entrance into the world, but a baby girl in China had twice the work cut out for her when she took a detour after her early arrival. 36-year-old Cai Qulin went into labor 9 days ahead of her due date. But after stopping to use a […]

A Missouri woman was charged with two felonies after she threw a drink in the face of a Red Lobster waitress because she brought out the wrong meals. 20 year old, Ania D Wilkes, of Ferguson, Missouri, was arrested after police say the woman and 3 others punched and pushed their server when the wrong […]


 25 year old Tanicia Goodwin of Salem, Massachusetts is accused of attempting to kill her 8-year-old son, Jamal and 3 year old daughter Erica. The children are in critical condition at Children’s Hospital Boston with extremely serious injuries. She also set her apartment on fire, leaving 50 people who lived in surrounding apartments homeless, authorities […]

So dude gets kicked out the bar/pub for not putting out his cig! Comes back with a Chainsaw & attempts to F*** S*** UP! SMH Too bad for him, pay close attention to the very patrons go to war and take him out! #Gangsta

Considering Lil Wayne once said, “I am not a human being,” there should be some degree of weirdness in his clothing choices. The forefather of YMCMB isn’t the most straight-laced rapper on the block, but sometimes he shows up in public wearing outfits that make you say “Hmmm.” From a variety of Uggs (ew) to […]

…Several New York gang members are in serious trouble as police are investigating three murders and have arrested 43 rival gang members based on evidence collected from monitoring what the gang members were saying about the cases on Twitter and Facebook, authorities said. According to Reuters, the 25 accused members of the Wave Gang and […]

According to reports, 28 employees have been laid off from Jay-Z’s Rocawear offices in New York City. That number equals half of the total staff in Rocawear’s Manhattan office. The layoffs reportedly took place on January 6 and were due to “economic” problems. More information on the layoffs can be found at the Department of Labor […]

According to reports, Tyga’s no-show at a concert caused fans to destroy a San Diego club. According to law enforcement, approximately 1,000 Tyga fans were involved in the destruction of a San Diego club. TMZ reports that Tyga fans damaged the club’s walls, floors and more when they heard that the “Rack City” rapper would […]

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