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Most babies travel down one canal before making their entrance into the world, but a baby girl in China had twice the work cut out for her when she took a detour after her early arrival.

36-year-old Cai Qulin went into labor 9 days ahead of her due date.

But after stopping to use a public restroom on the way to the hospital, Qulin did just that; flushed her baby down the toilet, that is.

The hole in the toilet was just big enough to let the newborn slip through and into the waste system.


I know you’re wondering da hell? Well it’s important to remember that toilets in China are a bit different than those we are accustomed to here in the U.S. and often require you squat over a large hole in the ground (the visual just got me lol)

Zhang Tao, Cai’s husband, called the police and emergency medical help.

It took rescue workers about 15 minutes to locate the baby after ripping up the flooring in the restroom by hand.

The infant was crying and taken to a nearby hospital where she was listed in good condition and will be discharged from the hospital in a few days.

It is not the first time a baby has been accidentally flushed away in China – in 2006, a 19 year-old in Jiang S had a similar experience and her baby was accidentally flushed into the waste pipe, although it was found several hours later and made a full recovery.