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It looks as though Nicki Minaj is still breaking records..Even though some critics slammed her new LP ‘PF: Roman Reloaded‘, calling it a cluster fu-ck of dance, pop and hip-hop, the album is now sitting pretty at number one on two Billboard charts. Sophomore Jinx? Not.

The album moved over 253,000 units in it’s first week and even snagged the top spot on the U.K charts which was a first time in history for a female rapper.  Meanwhile, the woman of the hour recently spoke on why her album features so many sounds and so many tracks (19 on the regular version, 23 on the Deluxe):

“I like variety. And part of the reason I did so many songs is I know my hip-hop fans need their full–almost–album. So, if you think about it, if I were to do an album like most people with 13 songs, then those 13 songs are all hip-hop. Then, towards the end, I said, “All right. now that that album is done Imma do my dance stuff and the poppy stuff.

“The album alone–just the sequence, the order and the genre–that alone is a conversation piece. People keep talking about it. I didn’t know it was gonna be such a big deal. I just, you know, all the different personalities that I have, and I wanted to share it with the world.

In an interview with DJ Clue, she also brushed off any sophomore jinx talk:

This album is gonna sell so much more than Pink Friday. Ask me this question two years from today. With me, I’m never about first week and all that. I like to look at it for the long haul. I’ma travel, I’ma meet my beautiful babies, my Barbz everywhere, and this is my first time I’m gonna get to do a world tour, so the album is gonna do its thang.