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Earrings with ‘KW’ in Kim Kardashian’s ear? What does this mean? Another reality show??? I don’t know, but this relationship looks like another marriage in waiting!! Is her divorce even final???

Kim Kardashian wore ‘Kanye West’ KW earrings, pretty much confirming the  rumors they are dating! The ‘KW’ gold earrings beamed as she arrived at LAX  accompanied by an assistant. || Photo Credit: Splash

 Kim wore a gold KW in her ear and it pretty much confirms that she and the  “Way Too Cold” rapper are an item. Not that we needed any more confirmation than  the pair pow-wowing around town lately.

Kanye professed his love to Kim in his song, saying, “I admit I had fell in  love with Kim, around the same time she had fell in love with him.”

There were also rumors that Kanye called Kim his Beyonce, but Yeezie shut  those rumors down, saying if you don’t hear it from him, a song, or a tweet –  it’s not true. Well, Kim’s ears are making a statement and we hear it, loud and  clear.

I wonder if Kim heard about the past girlfriends saying Kanye is abusive?

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