Kanye West got some things off his chest when he released his blazing track, “Theraflu/ “Way Too Cold.” He ranted about the whole industry wanting his ex, Amber Rose, dished on his new-found respect for Rose’s new boo, Wiz Khalifa, and declared he’s in love with Kim Kardashian. Now Chris Brown is pulling a Yeezy. […]

Does Kris Humphries love or hate Kanye West’s recent song? (Way Too Cold) Kris demands answers from Kim Kardashian!!!

Earrings with ‘KW’ in Kim Kardashian’s ear? What does this mean? Another reality show??? I don’t know, but this relationship looks like another marriage in waiting!! Is her divorce even final???

Fan made videos usually get absolutely no burn on Hip-Hop Wired, but this joint right here was kind of too good to pass up. A pint sized Yeezy swag is on one hundred thousand trillion on this unofficial video for Kanye’s latest Hit-Boy produced single “Way Too Cold (Theraflu).” Watch here (EXPLICIT) : SOURCE Be […]

Apples and Oranges? Are Kim Kardashian and Beyonce comparable? Kanye wouldn’t dare, would he???

Theraflu is none too pleased that Kanye West used its brand name for a song. PETA aren’t the only ones unhappy with Kanye West’s new single “Theraflu.” The company Theraflu has released a statement to TMZ stating that they do not endorse or approve how their product was portrayed in the song, which details his tryst […]