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Your Relationship Bypassed The Honeymoon Phase

Most relationships have a honeymoon phase where the couple wants to spend an excessive amount of time around each other. They’re intrigued by the newness of the relationship and want to experience more of the other person every chance they get. If your relationship somehow missed this honeymoon phase, there may be a lack of chemistry on his part, yours, or both. Sometimes we confuse chemistry with comfort. If he seems like a good catch, but doesn’t give you those butterflies in the beginning, they may never come.

Your Conversations Are Brief By Choice

If the relationship consists of brief ‘check-ins,’ then you can’t get mad at the guy for trying to at least please you; but who doesn’t want to engage in frequent conversation with their significant other? Or if you are together, but seem to never delve into any deep conversation, then maybe you the two of you have nothing in common to talk about. If this is the case, this might be an obvious sign of a dead-end relationship.

You Have A ‘Telephone Love’

Unless one of you has a schedule comparable to President Obama or live thousands of miles apart, you should see each other consistently (especially when you live close to one another). It’s true that people make time for what or whom they want to make time for. If he seems to choose every activity over you, then this is an obvious sign that’s he’s not the man for you.

He Forgets Important Dates and Information

Your birthday, he forgot the day. You’re scheduled for a big promotion at work; he forgot you ever mentioned it.  You’re going out of the country for an all-girl’s vacation, but somehow it slipped his mind. While he doesn’t have to include your schedule in his iPhone or calendar of events, he should at least know the important occasions that you’ve blatantly mentioned a thousand times.

You Haven’t Talked About The Future As A Couple

You’ve been together for months. And while you often talk about where the two of you want to be in the next few years, you never mention each other in your future plans. Okay, so maybe the two of you don’t want to jump the gun too fast; but if there hasn’t been any casual mentions that you may be together past 2012, you have to wonder if he (or you) are thinking of each other as long-term.

He’s MIA When You Really Need Him

You’ve received exciting news, but can’t reach him. You’ve had a rough day and he’s nowhere to be found. Unless you want to be in a relationship simply to say you’re in one, what’s the point of being with someone who isn’t around for the happiest and saddest moments of your life? The point of a relationship is to have someone available when you need them the most.


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