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You know the song, “Why can’t we be friends?” I know that’s everyone’s jam and what not, but sometimes, there are just some people in life that you can’t get too friendly with. Are ex-boyfriends some of those people? Depends on your situation.

In the past, I’ve come out of a serious relationship with a guy, gone through the Roscoe-from-”Martin” snotty nose and a face full of tears, played all the Mary I could, and cried to my mom for about an hour, only to come out on the other side happy and glad to move on. My ex did the same–without all the dramatics–and even got himself together to start a new relationship. While I had no issue with that, I should have had an issue with the fact that he wanted to still be friends with me. “We were friends before all this and I don’t want to lose that.” Riiiight.

So like the fool I was, not necessarily hoping or thinking we were going to get back together, but not seeing why being his friend would be a problem, I agreed we could be cool. Boy, was that the worst idea of all time. That friendship didn’t work out for a majority of reasons, some I shall share with you in a second, and it helped me realize that with some people, when you’re done with them, you really need to be done. If you think you want to be friends with your ex, keep an eye out for these habits/signs and keep in mind the following things, because he could end up being as much of an issue as he was when you were in an actual relationship.

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