Teria: Hi Damon, I’d like to know why damaged people still seek relationships when they know they shouldn’t, resulting in hurting a string of others? D. Y. : Same reason why people eat chicken fried bacon burgers even though they know it’s bad for you. The immediate positives have a way of making us forget […]

While talking to an older woman that I once worked with about relationships, she suggested that I write down all of the traits I wanted in my future husband. This list, she said, should even include those superficial things that I wanted in a man. She then told me to read over the list anytime […]

Hip Hop News

It’s almost summer, and with that season approaching with the quickness (not until June, but you know Memorial Day ushers in the summertime way of thinking and naked-ness), it’s time to get ready for another presentation of the BET Awards. Nominations came out yesterday, and while I’m sure most–no, make that some–of the nominees are geeked […]

Kim Kardashian should not expect double dating with Jay and Bey any time soon. With her high profile new beau, Kim K. might be expecting a little too much from dating and “parlaying” with Kanye West, including hoping to get a bit closer to Queen Bey. According to Hello Beautiful and multiple sources, allegedly: Kim […]

You know the song, “Why can’t we be friends?” I know that’s everyone’s jam and what not, but sometimes, there are just some people in life that you can’t get too friendly with. Are ex-boyfriends some of those people? Depends on your situation. In the past, I’ve come out of a serious relationship with a […]

If you are one of those people who watched “America’s Next Top Model” from the very beginning, you’ve probably heard of Jay Manuel, Nigel Barker and J. Alexander. Miss J, with his shiny and long legs, taught many of the contestants how to walk and was a judge, Nigel Barker, with his accent and good […]

So, you’ve been seeing each other for quite a while now and you’re not sure of what to expect next. You’ve been very intimate, met his family, and by now, you’re really feeling him. What’s missing? A title for your “relationship” is what’s missing. He just doesn’t want to be serious right now and he […]

Your grandmother shunned it and your mother warned you against it, but shacking up, or cohabitating with your mate sans the ‘I Do’ has become the new marriage for many women; and chances are, if you aren’t the one shacking up, you know someone who is. In fact, a recent study claims that the number […]

via. Madame Noire For the most part, I haven’t been a big fan of rapper Plies’s music. A majority of the time I can’t understand what he’s saying, but a lot of the time, I just think his lyrics are a bit too explicit for my tastes (“Bust It Baby, Pt.2″ for example), so when […]

As the seasons change and the weather becomes nicer, Iʼm trying to prepare myself for all of the foolishness that spring and summer will certainly bring. I donʼt know what it is about the sunshine, but it seems to give men a boost of confidence, assertiveness and outright audacity that doesn’t always exist in winter […]

Cute kid alert! Or I guess Reginae Carter isn’t really a kid anymore, she’s a teenager! And now that she’s getting older, moms has her out there taking promotional photos for a possible acting career. Recently Toya tweeted photos of 13-year-old Reginae as she cheesed it up and posed for a photo shoot. She said, […]

While it sounded like a beautiful relationship on paper, Lamar Odom and the Dallas Mavericks have broken up. And if you were wondering who broke up with who, they’re both claiming it was a “mutual agreement.” As Odom told ESPN, it is “in the best interest of both parties for me to step away from […]