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Facebook stocks may not be doing as well as CEO Mark Zuckerberg would have hoped, but let’s face it, the man still has quite a bit of money. But if it’s one place Zuckerberg is choosing to not spend his cash, it’s on treating his new wife Priscilla Chan.

By now most of us have heard of his very small and low-key wedding to his longtime girlfriend. The two married in their backyard with less than 100 guests and served sushi and chocolate. Then, according to Forbes, Zuckerberg took his amour on a secret Italian honeymoon. Sounds romantic right? Except that the two were spotted at a restaurant that wasn’t the luxurious high-end sort with authentic Italian food that most of us dream of one day visiting. The two were sitting on the Mignanelli Steps by Piazza Spagna eating McDonalds. That’s right, they flew all the way to Italy to eat McDonalds.

Not only that, when they did visit an authentic Italian restaurant, Nonna Beta, which specializes in Roman Jewish food, they decided to order water and tea than wine or beer. And hey, while they may not have been in the mood for a drink, they also didn’t leave a tip on a bill of 32 euros–which is about a $40 meal. Even after telling the owners that they enjoyed their meal! But it’s just Zuckerberg’s style not to tip. The Telegraph reports he also didn’t tip when eating at the historic trattoria Pierluigi in the heart of Rome.

Who knows, maybe Zuckerberg is preparing for an end to Facebook soon or maybe, he’s just cheap. It kind’ve makes you think twice about how you view your thrifty boyfriend or the guy who made you pay on that last date. If even a multi-billionaire is tightening up his purse strings, we can’t blame the brothas who choose to do the same.

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