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The Beauty is Pain rule

Pierre-Auguste Renoir once said:  “The pain passes, but the beauty remains.”

There are things that are very uncomfortable and sometimes painful that we have to endure to look more adorable, (Even though, you are such an adorable person anyway!) like working out, or plucking our eyebrows.  Though these are painful and uncomfortable, the pain is temporary and only last for a short amount of time, giving off good results afterwards.  However, there are certain trends that are not only painful, but detrimental to us. (Read more here)

Letting the Man Always Ask You Out

I remember the months leading up to prom.  I don’t think I was alone hoping and praying that a guy would come up to me, look me in the eye and say:  “Kendra, would you go to prom with me?”  I would say yes, and everyone would applaud, we’d get on our stallion and ride off into the sunset, with a full scholarship to my university, a custom made dress, and a stretch hummer limo that we didn’t have to pay for.  Well, I wasn’t really hoping for the stallion, sunset, or free stretch hummer limo (the full scholarship and custom made dress would have been nice… a girl can dream), but I just wanted SOMEONE to ask me out.  When no one did, a group of us girls decided to go together.  At the prom, the same guys who I was hoping to ask me to prom revealed that they were dateless as well and that they wanted to ask me, but they were too nervous or they thought that one of my best friends, who was a guy, was going to be my date. (Read more here)

Lying on your Resume

On the episode of The Simpsons “Marge Gets a Job,” Marge applies for a job at the Power Plant to help pay for house repairs.  After writing her resume and realizing that her only experience is “homemaker,” Lisa rewrites her resume for her, adding “padding” and saying:  “Employers expect you to lie a little.”

However, according to an article at, in such a competitive job market, and harsh economical climate, job recruiters are even more vigilant to check sources, and if there’s too much truth stretching, or exaggeration, you can be disqualified from your coveted position.  The recruiter is supposed to represent “you,” and they can’t adequately do that if they don’t know the real you.

Being Treated like a Princess

Now, before you get your royal panties in a bunch, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be treated as a princess, but you shouldn’t treat the person that you’re dating as a peasant.

I’ve seen women who dated people who would insist that they should be on a pedestal, while the person that they’re dating should cater to their every whim.  A relationship should be an equal exchange of respect.  So, if you would like to be treated like royalty, treat the person who wants to be with you like royalty as well.

Let the Man do it

Let me preface this by saying that this is the most annoying thing that I’ve ever heard before in my life.  This is coming straight from me, not Madame Noire or anyone else.  With that being said:  “Women, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!”

I once worked at Busch Stadium, in St. Louis, Missouri, as a supervisor for a vending company.  As a supervisor there was a lot of manual labor that went along with it to prepare our workers’ work spaces.  I got one of my sisters a job as a supervisor as well, and whenever there were things that we had to do, like shoveling ice, delivering heavy boxes to our workers, or lifting things, she would always try to stop me and say:  “Let the men do it.”

I also had the same issue with a friend who worked with me at a clothing store.  When we had to lift boxes with apparel in it, she would always say:  “Let the men do it.” (Read more here)

Being Perfect

Unlike the other rules, this one is more so an internal rule that many people have.  Sometimes people set themselves up for failure by attempting to be perfect in different areas in their lives.  For me, I would love to be a perfect mother, and sometimes when I fail at that I get very hard on myself.

Like I saw in the Disney Channel movie “Gotta Kick it Up,”  “there’s a difference in being the best and being your best.”  If you’re waiting for perfection, it’s never going to come, because we are imperfect beings.  However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to be your own personal best.  Now, I might not be able to cook three course meals for my daughter, keep her toys fully organized (she’s only 17 months old), or know how to do her hair in elaborate styles, but I do pride myself on the fact that no matter what, I always put her needs first, and when she smiles at me, even if I feel like I’m not the perfect mother, I know that I’m perfect for her.


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