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Chris Brown is no stranger to violence, but the recent incident was bad even for him. Here’s a list of reasons why Chris Brown should never fight again:

1. He’s on Probation

Nobody has forgotten about the beating Chris Brown put on Rihanna, regardless of her seemingly being over it. And I’m sure a judge wouldn’t hesitate to put Breezy back in jail if he had something to do with that fight, which would violate his probation.

2. He Already Has a Bad Temper.

Can Chris Brown really handle another round of interviews focused on his violent rage? Remember the chair he threw out of the window after his “Good Morning America” interview…? Don’t forget about that cell phone incident. And he’s involved in an incident where people are throwing bottles? What’s next, ginsu knives??

3.  People Are Just Now Starting to Forgive Him.

Chris Brown won a Grammy for Best R&B Album this year. He’s been performing at music award shows and being invited to respectable television shows again, with no question of Rihanna, even after rumors of a new romance. But…you’re not all the way out of the dog house. People haven’t forgotten, so don’t mess up again.

4. Chris Brown’s Music Sucks After He Beats People Up.

Um….”Transform Ya,” anyone….? Boy, did that album flop…

5. We Can’t Take Any More Bowtie Apologies

Larry King retired, so there isn’t a platform for you to wear that ridiculous bow tie and apologize. Last time you did that, your bowtie got a Twitter page. Nobody cared about your apology because we were too focused on your neck attire.

Then to make it worse, you make a video apologizing to your fans, looking like Michael Jackson from Neverland in 1993, and you looked even more ridiculous. Where is your stylist? Until you work that out, don’t you fight anyone else. Did you beat up your stylist too?

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. Y’all pray for Chris Brown. And his closet.

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