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Here’s a list of reasons why Chris Brown should never fight again...

The owners of the nightclub where Chris Brown and Drake brawled last year are doing whatever they can to get out of paying Tony Parker for his injuries ... saying the two rappers should cut him a check if he wins his lawsuit ... and not them.

Chris Brown and Drake will NOT face criminal charges stemming from their alleged involvement in a massive nightclub brawl this summer in NYC.

Chris Brown was caught by the RumorFix cameras while leaving a club early Wednesday morning, and according to their cameraman, when he was asked if he would accept boxing promoter Damon Feldman’s offer to square off in the ring against Drake, Brown did not hesistate for a moment when he shot back, “Yeah, I would. […]

MTO is reporting That Chris Brown is cooperating with police for the investigation of the CLUB BRAWL with Drake in NYC Police may be close to charging one of the WORLD’S top rappers, Drake, with a crime . . . and that’s because Chris Brown has been COOPERATING with police. Word is that a member of Chris’ entourage […]

Chris Brown and Drake: Battle of the Beiges! Reports are circulating that Chris Brown was injured in an altercation with Drake at an NYC club. Twitter went in on Chris Brown after he tweeted pics of a bloddy face. Chris Brown Drake Fight Footage Surfaces! [VIDEO & NEW PHOTOS] Club Brawl: Chris Brown and His […]


Video has surfaced of the brawl that broke out between Drake, Chris Brown and their entourages last night at New York City’s club WIP! We also found more photos of the fight and its aftermath.

Looks like Drake has been preparing for this moment with Chris Brown for some time now. Check out these photos of Drake in the Gym… Poppin’ Bottles: Drake Bashes Chris Brown Up Side The Head w/ A Bottle, At NYC Club! [PHOTOS] Does Chris Brown Deserve A Beat Down? [POLL] Photos courtesy of: SOURCE Be […]

And we all thought Drake was moist! Welp, he and Chris Brown got into a fight at Teyana Taylor’s party, and Drake threw a bottle at Breezy’s chin! Why were they fighting?! And who gets in a fight and goes straight to Twitter….? Breezy, game recognize game…and you lookin real unfamiliar right now…