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The MMG rhymeslinger says he denies hitting Brown with a bottle…

Finally someone in the midst of the NYC Club Brawl, that included bottles being thrown amongst the camps of Chis Brown and Drake, is speaking out. Meek Mill has spoken out about what really happened that night and who was involved in the bottle throwing and busted heads!

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Throughout all the reports of the wild, bottle-throwing brawl between the entourages of Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mill at New York City’s W.i.P. nightclub last week, Meek has remained relatively silent. That is, until now.

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The MMG rhyme slinger exclusively talked toXXL about the entire incident, including that he and Brown spoke right after the melee and are cool with one another and refuting reports that he bashed the R&B star with a bottle last Wednesday night (June 13).

“Chris and Drake, them two was there but its other people that be around that take shit to the next level,” Meek exclusively told XXL. “Things just happen in the club. I seen girls in there throwing bottles, all types of shit. All types of people. I never seen Chris Brown or Drake throw a bottle and I was there.”

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When XXL asked Meek if he threw a bottle during the melee, the Philadelphia MC offered two words:

“Fuck no.”

He proceeded to reveal that he and Breezy spoke right after the incident and don’t have a problem with each other.

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“What [Brown] tweeted was just that me and Meek Mill ain’t got no problem,” Meek told XXL. “I talked to him immediately after that, on the phone afterwards, like immediately, like, ‘There’s nothing there, this-that-and-the-third.’

“Chris Brown be in clubs,” the Philly MC added. “He be around situations like this. Things get out of hand that don’t mean it’s out of hand with me and him or whoever, not even him and Drake.”

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Late last month, Meek, Brown and Drake engaged in a Twitter war over Rihanna, who is believed to be the root of the alleged friction between the three artists. Rihanna was Brown’s ex-girlfriend and had a rumored on and off relationship with Drake. More recently, rumors had her having a fling with Meek.

The W.i.P. nightclub in which the all-out melee sparked was shut down due to code violations on Saturday night (June 16). Brown left the incident with a nasty gash on his chin, while his bodyguard, Big Pat, suffered a nastier, bigger gash across his forehead. NBA star Tony Parker even suffered an eye injury due to a shard of glass from the broken bottle. No arrests have been made, as of press time.—Mark Lelinwalla with reporting by Thomas Golianopoulos

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