Machine Gun Kelly is known for saying whatever is on his mind and he did just that in an interview with on the red carpet of the 2012 BET Awards. TheCleveland rapper was asked about his love for black women when he let it be known they top it off the best in his opinion.


I’mma tell you like this – my child is black – black girls give the best head 100%,” MGK said.


MGK went on to explain to the interviewer (who was a black woman), that black women either give the best dome or say they don’t give it at all.

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This is what y’all do,” he continued. “Y’all either give the best head or say you don’t give head. White girls just give it. Most of y’all say ‘I don’t do that unless you’re my man.’ Whereas you just need to show your skills because black girls give the best head 100%.”


A black woman that was standing nearby gets offended by what MGK is saying and walks off. After sending a few curse words her way the rapper continued the raunchy discussion. Check it out below.