Def Jam’s newest signee, GunPlay, has made no secret about his battle with a cocaine addiction. Now that the rapper has a new deal in place, he is trying to get back together and reveals that he has finally kicked the habit. Check out what he told XXL Mag below:

“Right now? Aw man, trust me…it’s a whole other ballgame. I’m back to reality. I’m back to life. That sh*t gives you a f*cked-up attitude. It makes you snap on people you love. It’s not you, it’s the chemical imbalance that happens in your brain from snorting up that sh*t. You don’t even realize it. You think it’s the world against you. ‘Nah n*gga, your brain’s about to melt.’ My mama’s a nurse. She tells me about that sh*t. She knew I got high and she would just pray that I stopped. My mind is clear. I’m thinking way clearer and I’m not thinking on impulse much. I talk about it and acknowledge it. To this day, that’s my favorite drug; my drug of choice. Now, I just pop a Molly, f*ck it. That sh*t gets you high three, four hours and it stops. I’m back to reality.”

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GunPlay’s drug problem was far worse that anyone ever knew. Check out how he describes his former addiction below:

“It got pretty bad. It got bad. I can’t let it get to the point where I steal and sh*t. That’s just f*ckdafied. I might borrow it from you, but I never really did some sh*t like that. I would just be like, ‘Front me with an 8-ball and I’ll just pay you later.’ Some sh*t like that. I would never steal or do dumb-a** sh*t like that. But how bad did it get? Just my health, man. Looking myself in the mirror and my nose never being right. I could never breathe straight and I’m always blowing my nose. I’m already a skinny n*gga and that sh*t draws me up even skinnier by the time I wake up in the morning, I lost 10 pounds, like ‘What the f*ck just happened?’ Then, that day you gotta be at a video shoot. You got raccoon eyes and you 10 pounds lighter and you can’t even breathe and you’re blowing your nose like crazy and sweating because that sh*t makes you sweat. Come on, man, you look crazy. That was really one of my first steps in really taking this rap sh*t seriously…and that was quitting coke. That was 2008.”

I’m glad he’s clean! Hopefully he can stay that way!

via AllHipHop

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