Soulja Boy just isn’t ready to let go of his dying fame, and his girlfriend/rapper Diamond seems to be along for the ride. Recently, Diamond spoke about a possible reality tv show with her boo Soulja Boy.

Too bad Soulja Boy has been known more for his bs antics than his music lately. From the car accident he caused, where he hit a car that a pregnant woman was driving, to threatening to eat SpaceGhostPurrp’s face, Soulja’s career seems to be on the fritz.

Diamond isn’t doing much better in the music department. The Word Eye Heard is, she was an original member of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,” but backed out when she learned her ex-boyfriend Lil Scrappy and his mom were casted. What’s the last song you heard from Diamond….?

The rapper stopped by Power 105.1′s Breakfast Club to discuss a possible reality tv show with Soulja Boy:

“That has came up a lot…I’m still debating. It’s tricky. You still gotta have that mystique about you and being an artist already established, it depends on how its played out. You can’t play with your career like that. Now, if you’re a person that’s just coming up, you’re a fresh face, then you can build off of that, but if you’re an established artist, it has to be done in a certain light. Maybe you’re showing others how to come up in the rap game or something. I know it’s gonna be drama regardless but if its on a certain level, then yeah. You gon’ have real stuff. People gon’ argue. People gon’ fight. It is what it is. But if its not set up to where its b.s., and you just let it flow then yea and if the money right.”

Check out her full interview here.

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. Is this show going to be an internet-only show…? O_o

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