Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy who’s currently behind bars is being sued for allegedly pistol whipping and tying up a woman. According to reports the accuser is Kayla Myers. It’s alleged that she’s a former employee. The suit  claims that Soulja Boy pistol whipped and tied her up and allowed someone in his house to sexually abuse the […]

This dude. . . Via TMZ: Soulja Boy has been arrested … and it sounds like the same old story — he allegedly can’t keep his hands off firearms and ammo. Soulja went to see his probation officer Friday morning in the San Fernando Valley, and when he showed up he was cuffed and taken to […]

Who is big mad right now with how janky IG and FB are acting??? Still tho. . .I will just wait for IG to get its shit together. I’m straight Soulja! lol Via Complex: Though it’s hard to imagine any reasonable person being truly upset about a Facebook outage, regardless of how long said outage lasts, […]

I know some people are uber annoyed by this guy but. . .he still funny to me! Soulja was last seen trolling your boy Kanye saying he real quiet lately:  

Big Draco has some crazy allegations against him right now. via TMZ A woman told police Saturday Soulja Boy kidnapped her but his manager is calling BS … TMZ has learned. Sources familiar with the allegations tell TMZ, a woman named Kayla was at Soulja’s home in Agoura Hills just outside of L.A. Friday night, but at […]

Alright so here’s how it started. Soulja Boy went on IG talking about he’s going to be a father soon: That was all fine I guess until people started saying he stole that ultrasound photo from google: Crazy thing is when we went to his page to see about the post ourselves — It was no […]

Soulja boy just can’t win these days. The latest in the Soulja Boy chronicles his house was robbed. SMH Soulja Boy’s house was burglarized Tuesday … in the throes of his war with Chris Brownthat now has tinges of a gang feud. Law enforcement sources tell us a man busted into Soulja’s Hollywood Hills home […]

So we’re still serious about this boxing match going down then correct? Lol This is out of control! Kelly Price is looking forward to it too! Can’t lie. . .So are we! Catch The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 

I don’t understand how this fight keeps getting more riduculous by the day but now allegedly Chris and Soulja will be taking their talents over seas for their boxing match. Sources connected with both Chris and Soulja tell TMZ they genuinely dislike each other and each wants to beat the crap out of the other, […]

Don’t act like you aren’t seriously trying to see this match go down! Lol we can’t wait!  Catch The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm!  

So at first I thought these two were just talking out the side of their necks on the whole boxing each other thing BUT now that 50’s involved and supposedly Floyd Mayweather is going to be training Soulja Boy. . .I’m thinking this thing might actually go down! If you remember from the other day […]

So the saga continues and the latest happened the other day when Soulja was at Mayweather’s house [cause you might have heard Floyd is supposedly training him for this boxing match]. . .turns out Chris Brown’s baby mama AND his daughter were also at Floyd’s house too! Well you KNOW Chris wasn’t having that: As […]