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Chavis Carter, the 21-year-old whom police say shot himself while seated in a police car and handcuffed behind his back, has little justice. His death has been ruled a suicide.

According to S2SMagazine, the autopsy report, which was signed by 3 different medical examiners, concluded that the 21-year-old used a .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol concealed on his person, to shoot himself in the right temple, while handcuffed in the back of a police squad car.

The FBI is still investigating the incident, and the local branch of the NAACP has called for a “thorough investigation.”

Chavis was pulled over and arrested for possession of marijuana. A video of the police officers patting Carter down TWICE was released, and also a video of them finding him slumped over in the back of the police car. But…no video of what happened in between those incidents, when the police claim they heard a “thump” and found him dead.

As part of their investigation, Jonesboro police recreated a video simulation of how they believe Chavis would be able to take out his firearm, put it to his right temple and pull the trigger, all with his hands cuffed behind his back.

Carter’s mother remains skeptical. She says her son wasn’t suicidal, and had even called Chavis’ girlfriend to let her know he would be calling her from jail.

Toxicology reports found that although Chavis had not been drinking at the time of his arrest, his blood indicated methamphetamine use as well as trace amounts of anti-anxiety medication, according to CBS News.

Benjamin Irwin, a lawyer for the Carter family is expected to release a statement in the next few days.

Here’s the video of the cops reenacting Chavis’ shooting.

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GTFOH! Police Say Man Shot Himself in the Head While HANDCUFFED [VIDEO]

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