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There’s probably no woman in the world who understands what Evelyn is going through right now more than “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” star K. Michelle. Unfortunately, there are many women who have been victims of domestic abuse, but most don’t have to deal with the drama under the umbrella of reality TV. Since K. can identify with what the “Basketball Wives” star is dealing with right now, she made a statement to Global Grind on the matter. Here’s what she said:

I just feel like it’s a very delicate situation, just like with my situation, no one was there with them. We don’t know what happened. We don’t know anything about it. And I think that media, as well as the Twitter people and the outside world, are so quick to judge and take sides on the situation.

It’s sad to see a black man lose his job. It’s sad on his part. It’s sad on her part. As a woman, you never want to have to go through that. I think that’s something very traumatic for any woman to have to go through.

Evelyn is such a beautiful woman that a lot of girls look up to. I’m very proud of her for taking a stance and walking away, because I feel like I was so in love at the time when the police came to my rescue, I should’ve moved forward with charges and [I should’ve done] what I needed to do. So, I think it’s very commendable on her part. At the same time it’s a tragic situation for both parties.

Since K. Michelle has become increasingly volatile on LHHATL, the sympathy towards her and her alleged abusive past has subsided just a bit. Similarly, people haven’t shown as much empathy for Evelyn as they might have had she not been trying to fight nearly every single one of her cast members at some point on BBW. K. Michelle things that’s bull. She continued in her statement:

I think it’s really crazy that people can watch you on TV for an hour, and you’ve been living your life forever, and put on TV for an hour, and then for you to not be sympathetic towards Evelyn or sympathetic towards me. There are different sides of every woman. Editing happens.

You don’t understand and you don’t know who K. Michelle is. You don’t understand and you don’t know who Evelyn is. You don’t know if Evelyn goes home, and she could be the most mild mannered, calm person. You just never know how that is.

To not be sympathetic to her in a time like this is absolutely ridiculous. It shows you just how evil the world is and it shows you just how real jealous the world is.

I get the concept of how heartless not being sympathetic to Evelyn at this time seems on the surface, but I truly believe there’s a hefty dose of karma going around. Evelyn didn’t display any sympathy for her victims on the show, nor anyone else’s, like Kesha Nichols. Sure, she could go home and be the most mild mannered person but how likely is that? And if that’s the case, she has to own up to the image she chose to portray on-camera. Sure producers can edit footage and create a certain narrative but they can’t construct scenes that never happened. This entire situation is a lesson in self-control and anger management for all parties involved.

What do you think about K. Michelle’s statement?


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