Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson [former NFL player] basically said Trump’s bs’n with that second round of stimulus money. . .and so he’s giving away his own stimulus checks! Actually his exact Tweet was[and you can see below]: “I’m giving out stimulus checks July 1st if you have cash app since Trump want to keep playing games”  […]


A man walked up into a Louis Vuitton store in Aspen, Colo.,while impersonating Chad Johnson, a former NFL wide receiver who also goes by the name Ochocinco. The impersonator’s bill was heavy, totaling $18,548 (there’s a couple ochos and cincos in that number)! According to USA Today, Mervin Cabe, 25, was charged with two felonies, […]


BEREA, OH (WOIO) – Chad Johnson, Ochocinco, is headed back to Ohio. But this time he’s not going to Cincinnati but coming to the Cleveland Browns. According to Johnson tweeted the Browns asking if he could help out back in March, then again earlier this week. Tuesday they took him up on his offer. Apparently Johnson will be […]

Chad Johnson has no filter and gives it straight with no chaser.  My goodness! Chad Johnson has no filter and gives it straight with no chaser.  My goodness!We’ve already learned that he likes to have his cake and eat it too in Part 1 of a sit-down with Peter Bailey, and in Part 2, the two men […]

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We all remember Chad Ochocinco headbutting his then-wife Evelyn Lozada back in August. Lozada filed for divorce two days after her emergency room visit. Chad pled “no contest” to the domestic violence charge and was sentenced to 12 months probation and domestic violence classes.  The incident resulted in a divorce for the two which was a […]

Former football star Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is back in the news today for failing to report to his probation officer according to the terms of…

     How dumb can Chad Johnson be? The football player did not impress his judge after he slapped his lawyer’s butt right in front of…

  The free agent football player pleaded his innocence after getting hit with a battery charge last week. Johnson was not at the hearing this morning, as his plea was entered in by his attorney, Adam Swickle. “We continue to work diligently on the case with the state attorney’s office, and we have been exchanging all evidence in the […]

Terrell Owens and Jennifer Williams have been spotted together recently on more than one occasion, and there’s reason to believe that the two are dating.…

In another of the many exclusives Evelyn is giving on her divorce from Chad Johnson, the reality TV star had a sit-down with PEOPLE for two pages worth of a chat on the drama that’s come to characterize her existence. Getting a little deeper than the Nightline interview, Evelyn talked about why she’s leaving Chad and what she plans to do […]

There’s probably no woman in the world who understands what Evelyn is going through right now more than “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” star K. Michelle. Unfortunately, there are many women who have been victims of domestic abuse, but most don’t have to deal with the drama under the umbrella of reality TV. Since K. can identify with […]