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Chad Johnson has no filter and gives it straight with no chaser.  My goodness!

Chad Johnson has no filter and gives it straight with no chaser.  My goodness!We’ve already learned that he likes to have his cake and eat it too in Part 1 of a sit-down with Peter Bailey, and in Part 2, the two men once again discuss the issue with monogamy.  Chad once again reiterates that he just can not commit to one woman, and whomever deals with him, has to understand that.  He also says he couldn’t care less about a woman’s past, and he he brings up Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as an example that most men deal with infidelity issues.

Catch the highlights:

On what he would tell his daughters when they start dating

My daughters aren’t even at that point yet. I had my daughter at 16. She knows how I operate. She understands that if you gon’ be dealing with somebody, go opposite of what I am. Go opposite of my beliefs. I’m not going to be able to control what she falls for anyway. That’s out of my hands.

On monogamy

[If] I’m telling you that I can’t commit to you, not you in general but whoever it is that I’m dealing with at the time, how is that not me? Let’s be logical. Everybody wants to sugarcoat s–t, let’s not sugarcoat it. Ain’t no one man dealing with no one woman for the rest of his life with only that one woman. It ain’t f–kin’ happening. It ain’t happening. It’s not.

The outcome of having [more than one woman] ain’t good either. What’s the divorce rate? How many people are divorcing, maybe not cheating because the money ain’t right no more. The situation ain’t beneficial no more. Half the situations is flawed anyway because the women are only dealing with certain men because it’s beneficial. Like I said in our last conversation, if that plate wasn’t full, would she come and sit at that table and come and eat with you?

On not caring about a woman’s past

I don’t care, because what you’re doing is you’re forcing women to lie about what they’ve done. You’re meeting their representative. You’re not meeting who they truly are because of how we judge them. There are very few like me that really don’t care. So I’m thinking to myself…I’m looking at society and how we praise certain individuals and ‘Oh, I want to be like that.’ If some of these women on Twitter, or life in general, knew the private lives of some of their favorite people, they’d stop f–kin’ frontin’. Excuse me. I’m trying to emphasize with the curse word. If they understood what goes on in their private lives because I’m apart of that inner circle. I hear the stories. I know what’s going on. Everybody on Twitter are trying to be…only if y’all knew.

I like everybody. I’m different. Everybody ain’t thinking or rocking the way I’m rocking. I like everybody. I don’t care about your past. Whether you’re a good girl or whether you’re a bad girl. Whether you’ve been around the block…I like a little competition. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. The more bodies you done had, the better for me. It’s a ridiculous way of thinking, but it keeps me at peace all the time. I don’t have to worry. I don’t care. Never have. Never will.

On women cheating on rich men with broke dudes

It doesn’t have to do with lifestyle, either. Let’s not go there because the janitor is cheating on his girl. The dude work at Burger King cheating on his girl. You watch TMZ, you watch World Star Hip Hop, it’s happening every day regardless of profession. Women will tell you the broke man is probably the beat out here anyway. I’m talking in a sexual manner. It’s so funny I’m sitting here thinking to myself, I’m thinking about women. They want a rich man. He don’t even like who he’s with. He likes what he can do for them, ’cause I know a lot of wealthy dudes right now that have gorgeous, what we consider, dimes. No substance but like [Rick] Ross say, she can dress well, that’s sleeping with broke dudes. Because what that rich dude is lacking, he’s not very attentive anyway, but that broke dude is filling that void.

My grandmother already sat me down. My granddaddy, he gone. She done caught him, pulled up on the side of him, closed the door so he couldn’t get out the car. So he couldn’t go nowhere. I’ve heard stories. This is the generation before us. Everybody loves to throw up a story of how long other people have been together that’s considered the real ride or die no matter what.

On being in love with Evelyn and why he got married

Yes. I f–ked up.[How?] You think we need to replay that whole story? I f–ked up.[…] If there was a woman that I would have loved to deal with for the rest of my life, that I would have loved to wake up…I could have been 85 years old, I would have loved to wake up to that individual. I don’t even need to tell you who that is. On some real s–t. I don’t play. I was proud about that, too. But I never, ever, ever sold a dream that it was just [one].

I’ve never talked negative about anybody after I’ve been with them. I’ve never, ever, ever said anything negative because I don’t care. Once that point — I’m loving everybody. Once we cross paths, I’m loving you. I don’t care where you go. Go get married, you get pregnant, you have a baby, you have another dude…the whole nine yards. Everybody. Every last person. I have a relationship or a friendship with every person I’ve ever been with, ever. Well, except one.[…] There’s really no way because she changed her number.

On Dr. King cheating rumors

What was Dr. King doing behind closed doors? [Infidelity issues.] Oh, you don’t want to say hoing? Why don’t you say hoing? Don’t sugarcoat it? [He was hoing.] Period. Thank you.

Watch below:

Please note: This is Chad’s truth. All men do not think like this. It’s a shame he hasn’t had the opportunity to experience a love that would make him want to be monogamous out of respect for the person he is with, and I’m not sure how he will find a good woman if he continues to put in the universe “I can’t commit!”  The energy you put out to the world, you most definitely get back.   Very interesting commentary…

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