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You know how couples who were so happy in love suddenly make it seem like everything about their relationship was wrong after they break up? That’s the card Karlie Redd is playing right now.

Though Benzino broke down the 3-month timeline of their relationship on The Breakfast Club (and declined to say anything bad about her), anyone who watched “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” still didn’t understand how the two met, moved in together, and almost got engaged within that short period of time. Eventually, Karlie said Benzino’s temper did him ias far as their relationship goes, but now she claims the former Source exec did more than raise his voice every now and then. Let her tell it, he was creeping on her as well.

“Benzino was cheating on me from day one,” she told the Morning Riot when they asked her why she was pushing up on Roscoe Dash so quickly in that finale episode. She went on to say she and Roscoe are just flirtatious friends and that she’s known him longer than Benzino, but when it comes to the Hip Hop vet, she claims he was doing a lot more than just flirting with other women.

“When Benzino said he wasn’t ready that night [that he pulled out the ring], he wasn’t ready because I’m not going to marry someone who I know was blatantly cheating on me from day one. I caught him at his house. I opened up the door and there was a girl naked in his room and my clothes were still in the closet and everything.”

This may be mean, but I’m actually more surprised 47-year-old Benzino can still pull all these women to actually cheat on someone. I also feel like if Benzino really was cheating on Karlie then she would have brought that up in their little heart-to-heart over the ring rather than just talking about his anger issues. I definitely don’t put it past Benny but the timing on this is a little convenient with Karlie trying to downplay her Roscoe Dash shenanigans.

Listen to the interview here, as the hosts clown Karlie a bit about her age and her relationship with Benzino. What do you think about these two?

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