Nicki Minaj thinks producers WANT to push her over the edge to attract more viewers to “American Idol” and she’s not having it!

Nicki Minaj is under the impression that “American Idol” producers want her and Mariah Carey to battle so it’ll attract viewers to “American Idol.”  And since she doesn’t want to be manipulated, she wants to take the Mariah issue and “cut it off at the head.”

How does she plan to do that?  Well….the next time her royal highness “acts up,” Nicki says she’ll walk off the set!

Interesting that the woman who claims to control everything and everyone around her, is pointing the finger at others for her actions after taking the bait….if there is any.

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Although folks say the auditions went well on yesterday, we’re waiting for Nicki and Mimi to but heads again real soon……

In the meantime, Nicki tweeted BTS footage from her “The Boys” video shoot in LA. [SOURCE]

Barb vs Butterfly: Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey [PHOTOS]
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