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Who would’ve thought someone would do an interview on little ole me? I invited into my radio station and gave a very candid interview about my life, career, and true passion.

How I started in radio:

I started doing radio when I was 19. It was funny, I never wanted to do radio. I used to rap, right? And in the 12th grade, they used to have freestyle contests on the night show. So I called in, I beat everybody, I won 9 weeks straight. They had to retire me. And the night jock had my phone number because he had to call me when it was time to rap. Well [when] I got to college, he called me and he was like ‘hey, you wanna be on my show?’ And I was like ‘I guess…’

What my true passion is:

When I really got deep into radio, and I started seeing these kids who were looking up to me simply because I shouted them out on the air or sent them a tweet, I realized this was bigger than just talking on the air. I really want to be a champion for those kids who ate lunch by themselves, or they [have] problems at home. I want them to be able to look at lilD and say ‘she’s one of us. If she did it, I know I can do it.’

On finding out about my adoption:

When I was 8, a woman knocked on the door, and I answered the door. She was like ‘hey!’ And I was like ‘hey…Mama, some woman at the door.’ And that’s when they sat me down and I found out my parents weren’t my parents. I think that was the moment when the truth stopped hurting.

Check out my full interview below:

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