lild cleveland

Hear what you want. And you do NOT wanna hear your baby mama.

We gone ride for the Lord! Check out the most ghetto Gospel song you'll EVER see!

What happens when the President of the Homeless Society goes back to the hood to see how the other half lives?

#WordEyeHeard TV Season 2 kicks off 12/25/13, and it's hilarious! Trust us.

Everybody has a hustle. See what happens when 3 friends try to: get on WSHH, become a YouTube sensation, and make a sex tape!

When Bruce Banner gets mad, he turns into a monster you can’t control. But when Robert Kelly gets upset, he’s the biggest punk you’ve ever seen!

You may have heard of the Real Husbands of Hollywood? Well this is what happens when 4 strangers from 4 different hoods are picked to live in a house!

Unsung is a television show that tells the story of otherwise forgotten groups. This is the story of Lavender, Teddy Bear, Slim, and Lazy Ruffin, better known as The Hasbeens.

Follow Captain Cockblock and Super Save-A-Ho on their never-ending journey of disappointment and frustration. It's their job to save these hos, and they never fail.


Who would’ve thought someone would do an interview on little ole me? I invited into my radio station and gave a very candid interview about my life, career, and true passion. Check it out inside: