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katt williams jamie foxx gay

Katt Williams is at it again! This time, he’s airing out Jamie Foxx’s alleged dirty laundry, and has no regrets about it!

Katt flat out said he knows who the gay comedians are, then clearly says JAMIE FOXX. But it gets worse…

He goes on to say he knows the man Jamie’s sleeping with. Allegedly, he’s the only artist signed to Jamie’s label, Marcus Anthony.


[lilD PSA: I don’t care who’s gay; I care that Katt is putting out Jamie’s alleged business when Jamie is obviously not discussing it.]

Then Katt says he was offered a role in Django: Unchained but turned it down. He said  “Any n***a that does this…deserves to DIE!” And goes on to say the words “f*ck you n!gger” appear 167 times in the script.

He says the N word about that many times in his stand up routines though. Guess it’s different because it doesn’t end with the ‘er?’


The video:

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. Illuminati ain’t gone like this at all…

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