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If Drake didn’t know, now he knows.

After Drake alluded to possessing ownership of the motto, “YOLO” on Instagram (after he told retailers Macy’s and Walgreens to “chill or cut the check,”) the co-owner of the Florida-based restaurant, YOLO, has actually spoken out against his claims.

YOLO, the restaurant, has actually owned the trademark to the phrase since 2010, which was a year before Drake released the multi-platinum selling song “The Motto.”

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After hearing about Drake’s claim to Macy’s and Walgreens, co-owner of YOLO restaurant Tim Petrillo refutes Drizzy’s claims, stating:

“I think Drake saying that is such a joke.”

Oop! The restaurant owner has spoken, and come to find out, Drake’s good friend Rick Ross has been eating at YOLO the restaurant for years.

So to be clear, Drake doesn’t own the trademark or any trademark associated with the motto “YOLO.”

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