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Hot Girls are up by a LOT with this one! Definitely a Hot Girl Summer for Thee Stallion. . .She’s got one of the hottest songs out [on top of others]. . .she’s getting one of the biggest sayings trademarked [boss sh!t] AND she will be blessing the biggest stage in the land. . .Summer […]

Kim Kardashian West’s new shapewear line is called “Kimono,” a supposed play on her name, but some people are pointing out the name appropriates Japanese culture and the kimono’s rich history Naming your product/startup with Japanese words might seem hip and all, but it really sucks for the Japanese when there culture is being jacked […]

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[Courtesy of] If Drake didn’t know, now he knows. After Drake alluded to possessing ownership of the motto, “YOLO” on Instagram (after he told retailers Macy’s and Walgreens to “chill or cut the check,”) the co-owner of the Florida-based restaurant, YOLO, has actually spoken out against his claims. YOLO, the restaurant, has actually owned […]

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Contrary to media reports, Jay-Z and Beyonce have not lost the “Blue Ivy” trademark….their application is on hold. There’s still a good chance that fans will someday have the option to choose from a slew of items bearing the “Blue Ivy” name (from skin care products and strollers to baby bedding) as Beyonce and Jay-Z’s trademark […]


The term “lottery pick” is synonymous with basketball, but a clothing company claims they have the trademark on it … and they’re going after Nike for using it on a Michael Jordan jacket. According to a lawsuit filed in Illinois, Urban Motive Sportswear claims they have been selling an energy drink, sportswear apparel and other merchandise […]

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The New York designer, who trademarked Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter‘s name just days after her birth, has finally spoken. According to, the designer, Joseph Mbeh, released a statement Tuesday (February 1) announcing that he will release the rights to the trademark. On January 11, Mbeh reportedly submitted a trademark application for the name “Blue Ivy Carter […]