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Last week we reported on the over the top and seemingly uncalled for Twitter rant being served up by Chad Ochocinco. In what appeared to be his attempt to throw more dirt on her name and hurt her feelings, Chad hurled a tirade of insults towards his ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada. During the rant, the former Miami Dolphins player tossed around accusations of infidelity, hinted that she’s a hypocritical Christian, implied that she’s sleeping around with someone from YMCMB and even began attacking her publicist. While it’s unclear exactly what pushed Chad over the edge, it seems that the reality of all that has gone down in his life over the past year is certainly beginning to sink in.

Whatever his deal is, Evelyn has made it clear that she refuses to be his verbal punching bag. While she didn’t lash back out at her ex-husband on Twitter, she communicated both loudly and clearly that there will be legal action taken if he doesn’t put an end to the shenanigans. TMZ is reporting that 37-year-old Brooklyn native had her attorney send Chad a cease and desist letter on Thursday, warning that if he doesn’t quit attacking her online, she’ll have no choice but to see him in court. Sources are also saying that she is considering getting another restraining order against him.

Chad is scheduled to appear in court today for a hearing regarding the early termination of his probation, but a source also says that the prosecutor is aware of the latest incident and has expressed concern. Some believe that it could serve as a possible hinderance to his case. Why Chad would wait until he’s just days away from an early probation termination hearing to start acting the fool, the world may never know.


What do you think of Evelyn’s decision to send Chad a cease and desist letter? Was she justified in her decision or being overly dramatic?

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