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You know YOU’VE SEEN IT ALL when Gordon from Sesame Street has got babys mama drama. Godron’s longtime GF and his childs mother is calling him out, for DUMPING HER – and not giving her any money.

“Sesame Street” favorite Roscoe Orman, who appeared on the show as lovable dad Gordon, has left his longtime partner, Sharon Orman, “destitute” after he abandoned her for another woman, she exclusively claims to Page Six.

Roscoe, who for 30 years played father figure Gordon Robinson and still makes occasional appearances, is being accused of cheating on Sharon, with whom he has four children. In 2010, she says she found pictures on his phone of much younger Kimberley Lamarque, whom he wed in December 2012.

Since then, Sharon claims Roscoe has had no contact with his kids nor given money nor support to her — because while they were together for 40 years they never legally married.

“I want people to know he’s been living a double life,” Sharon told us. “I gave up my career to raise the kids and never cheated on him. I am the one who made him a ‘Sesame Street’ dad. This is what I get after 40 years? You can leave me now?”

While Gordon was a friend to neighbors including Big Bird and Elmo on the show, Sharon, 60, tells us she’s being evicted from the Montclair, NJ, townhouse they shared after Roscoe stopped paying the rent and lights, heat and water were turned off. She’s sleeping on a couch at one of her kids’ places.

Of course nobody told her azz to live with a man for 40 years with NO PAPERWORK .


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