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Video courtesy of TMZ

Halle Berry hates the paparazzi…so we know from countless run-ins with the invasive photogs. While leaving the LAX airport, last night, Berry, her daughter Nahla and fiancee Olivier Martinez were involved in an altercation that could have escalated to worse proportions had Halle not restrained Olivier when he attempted to attack one of the hounding paps!

Berry and her family were simply trying to get into their vehicle when the flashes from what seemed like hundreds of cameras erupted. “Get away. There’s a child. Jesus. What’s wrong with you people?” Halle screamed, as she made her way through the mayhem. One of the relentless cameramen shouted back “Why you shoot me?” “There’s a child here. That’s why you idiot,” she responded. Olivier secured Nahla in their vehicle before turning back to land his hands on one of the photographers. Halle quickly pushed him back into the car and the door was closed behind them.

We’ve seen what Olivier is capable of. Remember the fight between he and Halle’s baby’s daddy Aubrey?

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