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Yes, a Wisconsin woman caught two little cats doing it like animals in her yard, and called 911 to report kitten sex. Kids these days, no sense of decency.

Whether the cops followed up on the 911 call is unknown but I’m guessing they probably told her to film it and put it on YouTube like any other normal person. Either that or just spray them down with a hose. You’d probably doing your neighbors a favor since cat sex can be really loud.

But you’d think someone from a state where people wear cheese hats in public wouldn’t be phased by the sight of two cats getting it on, right?

If I were a cop, I would’ve done things a little differently…

I probably would have checked it out anyway, not out of a sense of duty, but out of boredom. Looking at some of the other reports coming out of Wisconsin Rapids, there’s literally nothing else to do there. Some of the other police reports included your standard shenanigans. A couple of petty thefts, a disorderly conduct here and there, and a guy exposing himself at an intersection. Yawn.