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A Papa John’s deliveryman from Brooklyn, New York was recently arrested after getting caught selling large amounts of cocaine while delivering pizzas.

45-year-old Ramon Rodriguez is said to have dropped off large amounts of the booger sugar to clients while he delivered pizzas in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn. The coke business was said to be so lucrative, Rodriguez often complained about not being able to deal the illegal substance because he had pizzas to deliver. Ramon Rodriguez disguised his product inside Pap John’s pizza boxes, menus, and an insulated pizza bag.

The double dealing pizza guy was caught after he sold an undercover police officer a kilo worth of nose candy. The kilo was estimated to be worth $27,500. Rodriguez unwittingly sold coke to the undercover officers on 21 separate occasions and had been doing so since the end of 2011. Many of the transactions were caught on video and Ramon Rodriguez always had on his red Papa John’s polo. He also made some of the transactions in front of the store.

When cops looked through Rodriguez’s apartment, they found $4,500 in cash, a small amount of cocaine, and other drug paraphernalia. The funny thing is most of his co-workers say he was always trying to borrow money from them attributing his empty wallet to the fact he was supporting four children. One of his daughters said, “He was taking care of his family. We know he did wrong, but he’s a good man.”

Ramon Rodriguez was charged with multiple counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance. He was held without bail.


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