Who trusted a child with the drugs????? Not funny, but definitely not a sound business move and thats where my laughter comes from. Via | HuffPost Philadelphia police are investigating after a 5-year-old boy brought about two dozen vials of crack cocaine into a preschool at a Roman Catholic church. Police say the boy told […]


Shhhhh. . .don’t you say nothin! Just read on below! Via Bossip: Wendy Williams made the shocking admission Tuesday that she’s been in treatment for her narcotics addiction but she wasn’t specific about what triggered her to seek treatment. “I have been living in a sober house. … You know I’ve had a struggle with cocaine in the […]


In an interview with the Player’s Tribune, Lamar opened up his day of frequent substance abuse and how it affected his life and marriage. “At that point in my life, I was doing coke every day. Pretty much every second of free time that I had, I was doing coke,” he said. “I couldn’t control it.” […]

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So Kim recently made a video with what appeared to be two lines of cocaine on the counter top in her background! You KNOW the internet wasted NO time accusing her of snorting the drug. Click HERE to see the photo|video in question. Do I think Kim snorts the white??? I don’t know but I […]


It’s long been rumored that Coca-Cola and cocaine had a very symbiotic relationship. Based on a new AP report, it might not be a rumor… Workers at a Coca-Cola factory in southern France opened a shipment of orange juice but found a huge shipment of cocaine instead. The Coca-Cola factory in the town of Signes, near the […]


CANTON, Ohio – Canton police raided a home on Thursday, finding drugs, a .22-caliber rifle and cash. There were 33 pounds of marijuana and an unknown amount of cocaine. An arrest warrant has been issued for Carlos H. Romero, 44, who lives at the Roslyn Avenue SW residence. Stark County had issued warrants on Wednesday […]

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A 59-year-old Florida man named Jose Manuel Arguelles was arrested at a gentlemen’s club this past Wednesday. Arguelles brought his underage daughter to the adult club…

The unidentified man walked into a Deltona Florida water department office on Monday and handed a clerk an envelope that contained not a check, but a small amount of white powder. The powder was later determined to be cocaine, Gary Davidson, a spokesman for the Volusia County Sheriff’s Dept., told the Dayton Beach News-Journal. Surveillance cameras show […]

*TMZ is reporting that Lamar Odom was deep into drugs while he was playing for the Dallas Mavericks and there is evidence he was doing the exact same thing while playing for the Lakers. Sources connected to a Westin hotel in Memphis tell TMZ that in March of 2012, shortly before Lamar was cut from the Mavs, he […]

A Papa John’s deliveryman from Brooklyn, New York was recently arrested after getting caught selling large amounts of cocaine while delivering pizzas. 45-year-old Ramon Rodriguez…

Uh Oh! Last night, one of our favorite songstresses, Bridget Kelly, had a close call, “Is this for real?” moment on Instagram.  While enjoying a party during SXSW,  she shared a photo of a white powdery substance being bagged up and ready to bake.  The pic included the caption,”oh ok, now it’s a party!! lol #ghettogastro #turnup #whitegirl @ Public School,” which […]

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During a very candid interview, Mike Tyson revealed that he was high on cocaine in The Hangover and that he had a love triangle with Brad Pitt and Robin Givens. Remember Mike Tyson’s famed appearance in the 2009 flick The Hangover.  The former boxer recently revealed on “In Depth With Graham Bensinger,” that he was high as […]