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Kanye West always goes on his rants, but he’s been especially angry since the spotlight is on him and his baby mama Kim Kardashian. Could this be the source of his anger…? Let’s see…

#WordEyeHeard Presents: Top 5 Reasons Kanye West is Mad

5.  Ray J Hit It First

Kanye can act like Ray J’s song didn’t bother him if he wants to, but how would you feel if your famous baby mama was the subject of a song made by her famous (is he famous?) ex-boyfriend, whose Peter Weeter happens to be the reason she’s famous? Kanye said it best:

my girl’s a superstar all from a home movie…

Boy, did that come back to bite him in the butt.

And the video?? Ray J is a fool for this.

Here’s the kicker: Kanye admitted that he used to watch the Kim K sex tape to masturbate before the two were together.

Kanye West is mad, because no matter how rich, how successful, or how legendary he becomes…he has to live with the fact that Ray J had his boo thang by that indoor pool, outdoor pool, indoor bed, outdoor bed, indoor floor, outdoor floor, indoor camera, outdoor camera…FIRST.

4. His Friends Don’t Like Kim

Kanye West sure knows how to pick em. The woman he was dating when he first got famous, Alexis, was the last one who had an actual career. Well they broke up, then he got with former stripper and butt model Amber Rose.


Most of us thought she was a mute, since she never spoke a word while dating Kanye. It didn’t matter what people thought of Amber; she was clearly only there to be eye candy.

But when Kanye got with Kim K, he started rapping about her, and even made a small appearance on her reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Clearly, this relationship is the real deal. So wouldn’t you want your friends to like the woman you love?

Welp, it’s no secret that Kanye’s bestest buddies Jay-Z and Beyonce aren’t too chummy on Kim.

Remember the 2012 BET Awards? Jay-Z and Kanye West won Best Video for “Otis.” Skip to 1:30 and watch carefully how the four all embrace each other….except Kim.

Woo…Jay-Z gave her the “arm tap!”

Kanye West is mad, because we all know once Jay-Z doesn’t like someone, things go downhill.

Dame Dash, anyone….?

3. He’s Clumsy

It’s no secret that Kanye West is not a big fan of the press. But it must be hard out here trying to avoid the paparazzi when your girlfriend is famous because of them. And when the two of you are together, cameras are always flashing.

So how must one feel when they try so aggressively to avoid the paps that they run into a sign?

They get angry, of course!

Why you gotta cuss that man out? He just got there!

Now you’re gonna bring even more attention to that big ass head of yours, because you have a boo boo on it!

Kanye West is mad, because the man who made “Jesus Walks” should really know how to watch for signs.

2. Khloe Looks Better Than Kim

Who saw THAT coming?? Khloe was always the Shrek of the Kardashian clan, but now that Courtney lost her baby weight and Khloe shed some serious pounds of her own, Kim is left looking like their brother Rob.

Wasn’t it Kanye who said “ b!tch make your b!tch look like Precious…?” Welp.

Everyone has seen the hilarious pics making fun of Kanye’s main squeeze. But if you haven’t, enjoy them below:

Meanwhile, Khloe is red hot!

Kim is no longer the hot Kardashian with the hot black guy.

Well….Lamar Odom isn’t that hot…but still. Khloe looks fabulous.

Kanye West is mad, because his girl went from being a brick house….to a double wide.

1. Beyonce Had One of The Best Pregnancies of All Time

Who thinks of these pics? Okay anywho…

On “Mercy,” Kanye said it best:

Don’t do no press, but I get the most press, kid…

This is definitely true, but when the decisions Kanye makes, from fashion to choice of women to public outbursts, I tend to think Kanye kind of likes the attention.

Remember “George Bush doesn’t care about black people?”

How about that kilt he wore on stage?

Yea. He likes  people paying attention to him. So when he got one of the hottest chicks in he industry pregnant, he had to know all eyes would be on them.

But…who knew Kim’s boobs would grow to gigantic proportions, or that her fashion choices would be so ridiculous? Kim got more attention for how bad she looked than her actual pregnancy!

Must suck to be besties with Jay and Bey, who had the world paying attention to every baby bump and labor rumor, not to mention the thirst for the first pictures of little Blue Ivy.

And we still don’t even know if Beyonce was ever pregnant!


Kanye West is mad, because there actually IS someone greater than Yeezus…..and his name is Hov.

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. Someone get him some anger management classes.

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