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Kanye West always goes on his rants, but he's been especially angry since the spotlight is on him and his baby mama Kim Kardashian. Could this be the source of his anger...? Let's see...

Kanye West’s Ex-Wifey, Brooke Crittendon, Exposes His Sex Obsession, Goes In On His Ego and Kim plus Doubts KimYe Will Last… check out the excerpts from SOHH below: According to Crittendon, she believes the KimYe buzz will be short-lived. “For Kanye, what other person besides Kim Kardashian is there? There’s Halle Berry, J-Lo and Beyonce but they are all taken. She fits into […]

Details of the flaring tensions have bursted across blogs today (January 10). The Kardashian family matriarch had her carefully crafted plan to keepher daughter and first grandchild close by dashed after Kim’s baby daddy put his foot down by insisting in no uncertain terms that they would not be moving into the neighborhood, is exclusively reporting. […]

Kim Kardashian does not plan to tie the knot with Kanye West -- at least not yet -- but she is angry and frustrated that Kris Humphries is putting her in a position where she may have a baby with one man while still married to another.

Can you believe it?? After all the men that have been inside…I mean with…Kim Kardashian, Kanye West knocked her up. Congrats to the happy couple!