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George Zimmerman may have a lot of haters but there’s one Ohio firearms group who is supporting him all the way to the bank.

According to the Associated Press, the Buckeye Firearms Foundation wrote a $12,150.37 check for Zimmerman, who was recently acquitted for the shooting murder of Trayvon Martin. A spokesperson said the group raised funds to help the former neighborhood watch caption purchase a gun and security system.

“The Department of Justice refused to return him his gun, and he’s in need of protection,” said Ken Hanson, the group’s legal chairman. “The money is intended to be used for anything he needs to defend himself or his family. He has complete discretion on how to use the money.”

Sources say donations, sent from 48 states and three other countries, may be used for Zimmerman’s defense costs and fees.

How do you feel about an admitted murder having access to another gun? Weigh in with your thoughts below.

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