Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Wale, Omarion and Stalley are being sued for allegedly bailing on a huge London concert … but what’s really interesting is who commanded the most $$$.  So what’s your guess?

First, a little background.  The 5 rappers were supposed to perform Wembley Arena in London on Sept. 12, 2012.  After the promoter advanced a big chunk of the fees, Meek Mill threw a monkey wrench in the works by trying to postpone the concert.  They negotiated another date but everything broke down and now the promoter wants all the money back.

So back to the question.  Who’s the biggest dog.   Here’s what each rapper got as a fee:

— Stalley:  $5,500
— Omarion:  $12,000
— Wale:  $35,000
— Meek Mill:  $40,000

And the winner ….

— Rick Ross:  $100,000

The promoter also fronted $93,281.26 for flights and other expenses.  Apparently Rick needed a big seat.


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