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During an Instagram live. . .Joey chopped it up with Rozay and they talked about things including Rick Ross’ connection with Drake. And that is when Fat Joe said what he said: “He’s just like the Michael Jackson of this time.” To which I sat up in my seat like hol’ up Joe! Now I […]


So the news is. . .Rick Ross was ordered by a judge to take a DNA test to determine the paternity of his 2 children with Briana Camille. And he had to pay for the test but if the test came back that he isn’t in fact the father. . .Briana would have to give […]

Ro Digga

Looks like our boy Ricky Rozay…will be taking his talents to Reality TV real soon! And his current girlfriend [not his baby momma although some wonder is Camille will be a making any show debuts] Dej Gabrielle will be joining him for the ride! The show is set to follow the life of the Fronzaglia […]

DJ AngelBaby

So, here’s some interesting news: Rick Ross and Dwyane Wade have a song!! Yes, you read that right. Rick Ross and Dwade are dropping a song this Friday and of course social media is shocked. There are so many unanswered questions but, all will be revealed in due time. For now, Rick Ross took to […]

D. Wade is all about that ownership life according to a new conversation with Rick Ross who threw the idea out about buying an NFL team to him for a new GQ article. via Complex: “Let’s say the opportunity presented itself and we had the opportunity to buy ourselves an NFL team,” Ross said to broach […]

Clearly Rick Ross’ hospitalization has brought out the worst in his baby mamas and now they are ready to take it to the ring and fight! via:HSK Tia Kemp was responding about Rick’s other BM, Lastonia Leviston, who pulled a gun out on Instagram and was claiming Tia was banned from visiting the rapper in […]


Some of us are still trying to recall when the baby making went down. . .Rick went and had a baby outta no where on us! She’s adorable! https://www.instagram.com/p/BYt5sQjDCIr/?taken-by=balleralert Catch Ro Digga inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 

Congrats to Rick Ross on the birth of his new baby girl that he had (quietly) allegedly had over the Labor Day Weekend with Briana Camille. TSR STAFF: Myeisha S.! @myeisha.essex _____________________________________________ #Roommates, we can report that #RickRoss is a pappy again! The rapper and IG fitness model #BrianaCamille welcomed a daughter over Labor Day […]

Rick Ross caught a fans by surprise when he told The Breakfast Club that he was hell bent on not signing female artists because he often predicted that he’d “end up f****** [one] and f****** the business all up.” His apology came not too long after the comment blew up. He says the remark was […]

Meek just won’t let the Drake beef go even thought Rick Ross supposedly squashed the beef. Rick Ross extended an olive branch to Drake to squash the beef, but there is NO cease-fire with Meek Mill … even after all these months  Sources close to the rappers tell us Da Boss thought Meek and Drizzy’s war would cool down […]

Welp looks like Rick Ross has moved on to a new boo (what’s new) but it looks like India Love. Ross and the model were seen coupled up during a recent club appearance. Check the video below. Do you think this one will last?

Welp it looks like the Biggest Boss has another boss to answer too…Uncle Sam! Details below: Uncle Sam has a bone to pick with Rick Ross — millions of dollars in unpaid taxes, according to new legal docs. The IRS went through 3 years of Ross’ taxes, and claims he owes about $5.7 mil of […]