Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - October 23, 2019

During an Instagram live. . .Joey chopped it up with Rozay and they talked about things including Rick Ross’ connection with Drake. And that is when Fat Joe said what he said:

“He’s just like the Michael Jackson of this time.” To which I sat up in my seat like hol’ up Joe! Now I love me some Drake but the closet thing to MJ in THIS day [if you ask my opinion of course] is first name Chris last name Brown you feel me! BUT that was before I read Fat Joe’s full statement. What he said in full was:

“Drake is possibly the hardest person to get in touch with. . .And let’s be clear: Every song he does goes No. 1. He’s just like the Michael Jackson of this time. Now that Joey. . .I can see what you mean by that statement because these are facts when it comes to the 6 God. But him going number 1 every song is ALL the comparison to Mike I’mma let ride.

And that’s no shade at all. . .again I love Drake. He’s definitely Top 10 and negotiable Top 5 in my book. But when I think of my ultimate favorite artist of all time [that is Michael Jackson]. . .He is the ENTIRE package! But again this is all my personal take. What ya think about Fat Joe’s Drake|MJ comment?

See below.

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