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During an Instagram live. . .Joey chopped it up with Rozay and they talked about things including Rick Ross’ connection with Drake. And that is when Fat Joe said what he said: “He’s just like the Michael Jackson of this time.” To which I sat up in my seat like hol’ up Joe! Now I […]

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The GOAT! The King of Pop would be celebrating his 61st birthday today! Mike was a genius when it came to the visuals for his music videos! Take a trip down memory lane with some of his greatest music videos below and be sure to comment with what your favorite video is! I’m gonna kick […]


So what ya not gon’ do is talk bad about her brother. . .period! Janet speaks out post “Leaving Neverland” airings. Via TMZ: Janet Jackson has broken her silence amid new allegations against her brother, Michael Jackson, in “Leaving Neverland” — and her message is simple … his rep will be just fine. Michael’s younger sister spoke […]


Hmmmm. A lot of people are speculating this could be a guilty conscience coming thru? This after Wade’s played his part in that documentary [which I refuse to watch by the way]. What ya think? I gotta plead the 5th on this one because ya KNOW how I feel about Mike and I can’t even […]

This is just one of those things that you hate to see but you can’t help but to wonder if there is any truth to it. via CNN The first part of the two part HBO documentary aired Sunday night and delivered some bombshell allegations. The film examines disturbing claims by James Safechuck and Wade […]


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Michael Jackson must be rolling in his grave after this latest lawsuit. Jackson’s family now has to pay up millions to Quincy Jones for unpaid royalties and they aren’t happy about it. Quincy Jones suddenly has 9.4 million reasons to go off the wall … after scoring a victory over MJJ Productions and Sony. The jury handed down its […]

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Bih WHERE?! Put a couple of size smalls aside for me please!  Via Hiphopwired: Just when you thought Supreme collaborated with every one of your favorite brands, word is being spread that the street wear of choice for hypebeasts is about to release a limited edition Michael Jackson themed collection. Continue [HERE].   Here’s a […]

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Michael Jackson set numerous records in the music industry, many of which have yet to be broken. However, Rihanna finally managed to break the tie she shared with the King of Pop, which officially puts her ahead of him for the most Top 10 Singles by an artist. Rihanna has a long track record of […]


Katherine Jackson, has asked for a restraining order against Joe Jackson’s brother’s son, Trent Jackson, her driver for many years.

Here are some of the best Twitter responses to a first look at the white-washed portrayal of MJ.