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tamar hot sugar

When we asked if Tamar Braxton‘s video for “Hot Sugar” was a hot mess, the overwhelming consensus was YES, IT IS!

In fact, that assessment is not only coming from “Tamartians” and haters alike, but would you believe from Tamar, too? Yes, it’s true.

We bet Tamar didn’t even remotely dream it would come to this. Heck, before it was released, she proudly promoted the “Hot Sugar” video online. She also touted the vid’s visuals via social media with behind-the-scenes footage.

Then reality struck. As we said, almost every person who’s volunteered their thoughts about the “Hot Sugar” video has savaged it and apparently the responses have influenced Tamar’s thinking as well.

Here’s the latest: She took to Rihanna’s Instagram account to lash out at her and RiRi’s photographers/videographers Gomillion and Leupold for abandoning her music video shoot. Basically she says she had a much different vision for “Hot Sugar,” but they tossed it out for their  own concept.

Hmm, that doesn’t quite fly as far as we’re concerned ’cause at the end of the day, SHE’S the boss. But hey, she’s gotta blame somebody … Check out her rant:

“I think you guys are very talented…. But the way ya’ll did ME for that #hotsugar video was pure F*CKERY! Not only did u NOT shoot the Treatment there were NO clear shots of 1 take. I’m not at @badgalriri status yet,” she wrote. “And I’m Sure you won’t do her like that…. Shoot a video. Get paid and disappear… for ME to hire and edit a bunch of nonsense for the fans I do have to see…. And that’s not right because not only if you had filmed the treatment we would have had an amazing video but I wouldn’t have to contact you by Mistake on one of my Favorite artists ig!…… the other f*cked up part is that you didn’t even attached your name… and if people would have thought it was brilliant…. Cause MY treatment was… u would have blasted the video ya’ll name everywhere! U live & you learn. But I HAD to tell you how.”

One more time, here’s THAT video:

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