If you missed it, Olivia Pope aka actress Kerry Washington hosted Saturday Night Live with musical guest Eminem.  She did a great job.  Check out the replay below.


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We’ve highlighted the best and worst skits featuring Kerry:


In an anemic attempt to address SNL’s lack of Black comediennes, Kerry is asked to play First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce.

Some advice to SNL writers: making fun of the very demographic you’re discriminating against is NEVER a good idea.


Career Week Speaker 

Kerry channels her inner Bronx girl, as a a sassy, gum snapping assistant to Heshy Farahat, an overzealous motivational speaker.  Is it just me or does SNL always portray Eastern European characters (like Heshy Faharat) in the most unflattering light?

Grade: D


Jay Pharoah is a philandering boyfriend who’s caught red-handed by his tech savvy girlfriend (Washington) in a hilarious spoof of the  of the European dance hit “What Does The Fox Say?”

Grade: A  

How’s He Doing?

Kenan Thompson hosts a talk show with two Black academics (Pharaoh, Washington) who don’t have a single bad thing to say about Barack Obama.  This skit was a mixed bag, with some dead on analysis: “White people act like they’re doing us a favor watching ‘The Wire’ but missed the mark in making the argument that Black people have a Borg collective mentality when it comes to Obama. If SNL writers had bothered to read Cornel West and Tavis Smiley’s blistering critiques of our President or even took a peek at Black Twitter, they’d know this is far from the case.

Grade:  B-

Miss Universe

Most likely the most offensive skit of the evening, contestants from “less developed” nations take to the stage with disastrous results. Washington plays Miss Uganda as scatterbrained and without a strong grasp of the English language. Did the SNL writers know that the real Miss Uganda 2013, Stellah Nantumbwe is a recent graduate of Greenwich University in South London? (WATCH BELOW)

Grade: F 

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