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Oh the messiness and the drama. And it’s all reality!

And that’s exactly what Apollo Nida is experiencing lately … a reality check. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is facing identity theft and bank fraud charges.

But he’s avoiding jail time right now — having gave up his passport and quitting alcohol.

Yet Wendy Williams is tired of it all! She advises his wife Phaedra Parks to leave him… for good!

“Apollo and Phaedra, it’s time for you to get off reality TV,” Williams advised after telling her audience about Nida’s identity theft and fraud charges.

If Nida violates his agreement by leaving Atlanta without approving the trip, he’ll be thrown back in jail pronto. These restrictions are part of his bail agreement.

He made bail at $25,000 after his being charged on January 23 for the bank fraud and identity theft. Still, he’s facing several years in prison.

But trying to clean up his act now doesn’t convince Williams. She believes that Parks needs to move on from their messy relationship. And that the show is not worth it — saying that, “it’s really bad.”

“Those Bravo checks aren’t big enough to buy a new funeral home and clothes for Mr. President,” Williams said. “Somebody needed a job from some place.”

Nida checks aren’t even recognized in a court of law. He’s been ordered to find employment during his time out on bail and will be regularly visiting a probation officer.

Williams believes Parks knew about the fraud. But she’s kept quit on the controversy. Maybe, she’s busy promoting her book tour. Or maybe she’s leaving Nida on her own.

Their relationship is already on rocking ground. It could have something to do with him spending thousands of dollars on strip club visits, but allegedly after finding out about his fraud, Parks kicked Nida out of the house. And she’s limited his access to co-parenting as well as media appearances (got to keep up the good pr).

Nevertheless, Williams’ advice stands, and she’s moving on from the ratchetness at hand.

“I can be as ratchet as the next person, and I’ll admit it,” Williams said. “I’m not doing it anymore, not like that. I will pick and choose what we talk about here on Hot Topics… I’m not lecturing…but I will not watch that.”

Watch Wendy Williams below: