*Kandi Burruss has seen and been through a lot since hooking up her fiancé Todd Tucker. Even her mother, Mama Joyce, has weighed in for better or worse on the relationship between the pair. In an interview with Jet magazine, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, who graces the cover of the magazine’s latest issue, opens up on her […]

*Electricity powers not only business growth but also lights the minds of young people –helping them to learn when theyplug intheir computers and other essential technologicaltools. R&B star Akon recognizes that in many parts of Africa business expansionis not possible and children’s education stifled because there is no ability to getelectricity. “They’re using kerosene and candles after […]

Looks like Jennette McCurdy is the latest celebrity to join the “ratchet ho” club. At least that’s what Charlamagne tha God says. According to the Charlamagne, the “iCarly” star earned her new label by simply playing NBA star Andre Drummond like a fiddle to boost her celebrity status. Charlamagne’s declaration comes amid McCurdy publicly engaging Drummond on Twitter after he named […]

It’s not cute to be a cheapskate! But Tamar Braxton is facing rumors she is one — not paying her employees very well or at all! Braxton is of course denying these rumors. But if it acts like a duck and quacks like a duck… it’s a duck! But no one knows she’s a duck for sure. […]

Tyrese Gibson’s baby mama drama entered a new chapter following a call to police on Tuesday over a possible child custody violation. The singer/actor arrived at the home of ex-wife Norma Gibson in North Hollywood to pick up their 6-year-old daughter, but Norma refused to let the child leave on account of her (the daughter) being sick.   According […]

From the looks of things, Kanye West’s fans have as much power as the rapper they love. At least that’s how Nike may have took it when it did a Beyoncé and dropped West’s Red October Yeezy sneakers without warning over the weekend. As for why the shoe giant unleashed the highly anticipated footwear early, a Nike spokesman […]

Have you been feenin’ for some news about “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?” Well, if so, we’ve got what you’re looking for. It seems that what’s being described as a “massive brawl” jumped off that left some of the show’s stars injured. To what extent, we don’t know at this time. It all went down […]

*Oh no! She’s in trouble and in desperate need of having someone manage her finances better. Keyshia Cole owes the government $162k in back taxes. Ouch! From 2009, the IRS claims Cole needs to pay back $162,158.93 in taxes. 2009 was a good year for the “Love” singer. She headlined her tour, A Different Me Tour and saw a […]

OH, baby! I’m sorry!!! That was Apollo Nida apologizing to wife Phaedra Parks after his no-no mistake. Nida was caught corresponding with another woman… Kenya Moore out of all people to much suspicion. “I’ve apologized to Phaedra numerous times,” he said while on  “Bethenny”. But Nida assisted the once private text messages between Moore and himself were NOT inappropriate at all. Well, […]

Oh the messiness and the drama. And it’s all reality! And that’s exactly what Apollo Nida is experiencing lately … a reality check. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is facing identity theft and bank fraud charges. But he’s avoiding jail time right now — having gave up his passport and quitting alcohol. Yet Wendy Williams is tired of […]

Oprah Winfrey decided to cancel her birthday bash because she’s too popular. Her guest list was getting out of control. Nevertheless, Oprah had some fun at the Soul Cycle. “I just had the best birthday experience ever at Soul Cycle,” the sweaty birthday girl explained in a video she posted on her Instagram after the class. Instructor Angela M. […]

For some reason, Vin Diesel felt the need to share video of himself “dancing” to the hit single that Beyonce and Jay Z performed less than 24 hours earlier at the Grammys. Perhaps a follow-up to his headline-making rendition of Rihanna’s “Stay” in September, the “Fast and Furious” star posted a video to his Facebook page early Tuesday, Jan. 28 of himself singing, […]