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charlamagne-jennette-andreLooks like Jennette McCurdy is the latest celebrity to join the “ratchet ho” club. At least that’s what Charlamagne tha God says.

According to the Charlamagne, the “iCarly” star earned her new label by simply playing NBA star Andre Drummond like a fiddle to boost her celebrity status.

Charlamagne’s declaration comes amid McCurdy publicly engaging Drummond on Twitter after he named her his “Woman Crush Wednesday.”


Needless to say that just didn’t sit will with Charlamagne, who detailed exactly the type of people who are worthy of ratchet ho status.

“She’s clearly a ratchet ho … social sexual networking hookups are for regular people not celebrities,” the on “Guy Code” star explained to TMZ Sports while standing by Drummond’s claim of not leaking racy pictures of McCurdy online after she trashed and humiliated him on a podcast this weekend.

“I bet ten other guys have the same pics Andre has,” Charlamagne said, … “She’s an idiot.”

In case you didn’t know or were just curious as to what a rachet ho is, TMZ Sports has you covered. According to the site, which referenced the Urban Dictionary, a “Ratchet Ho” is defined as, “A female lacking class and integrity. Pertaining to women with weak moral foundations that generally are characterized by their general antagonism towards people; slut; degenerate.”

There it is. Your new word for today.



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