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It’s been 16 years since Mýa dropped her very first single, “It’s All About Me.” Since that time, the singer has gone on to sell millions of records and win countless awards, including both a Grammy and a Screen Actors Guild award. But, keeping it real, Mýa has been a little MIA lately.

Not anymore though!

Recently, Global Grind’s Blogxilla caught up with the gorgeous singer and she dished on her latest With Love EP, why she’s not looking to be anyone’s “main chick” or “wifey,” relationship double standards and more!

Catch the highlights below:

On her thoughts of being considered ‘a trophy’:

I think women are sometimes labeled or possibly pursued as or looked at as objects. You know, surface. In younger, less mature relationships, it’s usually surface attraction. Let’s start there. And then you hear all kinds of new school lingo, like, ‘main,’ ‘side’ and ‘trophy’ or ‘wifey.’ I’m like, ‘What are those things?’ I don’t do ‘main,’ okay? I don’t do ‘number one’ ’cause that means there’s a ‘number two’ and ‘number three.’ I don’t like that kind of stuff. ‘Main,’ what does that mean? That means there are others. I don’t like those kind of words. Also, I don’t mind ‘trophy’ because it means there’s a prize but there’s work to do, which ‘Like A Woman’ describes. There’s work to do to get to know me. That’s what a relationship is. Get to know me. All of the surface stuff, that is here and gone tomorrow.

On why it’s hard for her to date

The trust factor but I think you have to take your time for someone to get to know you. And for someone to get to know you, you have to put them in different compartments of your life. [Bring them around] your friends, to your family, to your workplace, to traveling. I’ve felt like guys feel when y’all are getting accused non stop. Normally the accusers are the cheaters. You have to find someone who is done playing the field.

With the lifestyle that I have to pursue, my profession requires I be on the road. So it gets challenging to the other party that might not necessarily understand or has not been brought around my world to see that. When I’m in the studio for 72 hours, in my pajamas, and I haven’t taken a shower and I’m engineering and nobody’s there, you shouldn’t be accusing me of things that are not happening. It’s crazy stuff.


On cheating and relationship double standards:

All of those girls that you text on your phone right now and sending all kinds of crazy videos and poses, that’s cheating. Because if you found any of that in my phone, because you voiced that you don’t want to find even a guy’s name that you might know in my phone, then what you’re doing is cheating times 10!

When you admire a female, or whatever it is you admire, you’re admiring that. I don’t mind a guy looking at another female when we’re in public. Females and women are beautiful, but don’t create double standards in a relationship. Don’t ever do that. Don’t have a problem with me when I want to look at some eye candy over here because I’m allowing you to look at eye candy over here. It’s a fair situation. It’s a two-way street.

On her new EP:

With Love is a strictly positive EP. It’s not about the turmoil in relationships, or heartbreak or anything like that. It’s uplifting elevation music. That’s it. Great songs, great vibes.


Sidebar: Mýa is talking like a grown woman!  She better say that. I was listening to the radio this weekend and was astonished at how many R&B songs referenced the man having main chicks and side chicks. In Ty Dolla $ign’s “Paranoid,” he sings the lyrics, “I see two of my b-tches in the club, and I know they know each other,” and Chris Brown and Kid Ink have a song out titled Main Chick.” There was a time when R&B artists used to sing about falling in love, but now a lot of the young male artists are glorifying cheating and having several different chicks, as if it’s the right thing to do.

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