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Happy woman hugging her daughterYou woke up late. You couldn’t get a seat on the train. You were late for work. Again. You forgot your lunch. Your computer at work is suddenly the slowest thing on this Earth. Everyone and everything is just a hassle today.

…and you doubt if things will be any different tomorrow.

Some people always assume that only bad things in life will happen. This pessimistic outlook is typical of the 50% of Americans who assume things are only getting worse.

Surprisingly, a recent study even said that pessimists actually live longer lives!

However…there’s a difference between expecting money to grow on trees and facing your life with a smile a little more often. Plus, studies have also proven that negativity and unhappiness can lead to stress, depression and other health problems, such as if you’re in an unhappy marriage.

So, what can you do to be a little more optimistic a little more often?

What Is Optimism?

Pessimists are in the habit of explaining the events in their lives in a way that makes them seem dire. They tend assume that whatever went wrong will stay wrong, while allowing those “wrong” things to take control of their entire day.

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